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Welcome to Our Liam.

This is a community, a place to share your images of Mr Neeson in his various roles. While it isn’t specifically designed as a conversation journal, if you want to post some information on Liam and his appearances, please do so – but do note you need to post an image when you do. ALL POSTS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN IMAGE. This community is not just for discussion.

It would be appreciated if you could following the following simple guidelines:

Please don't link to images on other sites - this creates bandwidth problems. It would be good if you could store them on your own site, and link to the Journal from there. There are quite a few sites out there where you can store images - check it out on Google or one of the other search engines.

Think average in size – no more than 500 pixels on the largest side. Anything bigger, put it behind an LJ cutaway.

I would prefer if you didn't display images from sites that have specifically requested that people not take and display their pics elsewhere - it can promote bad feeling and we're here for fun, not flames. If you are at all unsure, I'd rather you post another free image and along with that put in a link to the site and suggest that people take a look.

Picspams are welcome and encouraged. Please make sure your cover image follows the guidelines set forth above and please make sure to put the rest of your images under an LJ cutaway.

If in doubt, ask – this is for fun!

Note: if for any reason I decide to reject a community membership or block anyone from being a member of the community, then I will do so. This is very unlikely to happen, but if I feel there is a justifiable reason for it, then I will do so.